Why Hiking.Dream.Team?

We believe that in this huge and extremely diverse world there are some values that are not changing. Sense of being a part of a family, when you're understood and supported. Moments of discovering your new and stronger self. Breathtaking flash of realizing the power of nature. This is what we bring to our hiking events and what we would like to share with you!

We take you out to explore the world

The real life is outside there!
There are many books and documentaries about it.
Now it's your time to get new experiences
and write your own adventure story.
Take your chance and come with us!

We know the unbeaten treks

We choose the places without the crowds of tourists
to see the purest nature. Plus, we collaborate together
with the local guides to support people
in our remote destinations.

We are a team

At our hiking events you will explore what team spirit and friendship mean. We don't provide ordinary group travels.
The members rely on each other during the trip and
all together we are the hiking.dream.team.