Who am I?

I love sleepless nights, lazy mornings, philosophical discussions and hugs. Though I have had a quite diverse working life, I have always remained a geographer and a traveller. “Happiness is only true when shared”. At times I become speechless by the beauty of the places I visit, distant as the Himalayas or close to my home city Moscow – I always prefer to share. That’s my very egoistic wish to see the eyes of people, whose dream came true, which brought me here to Hiking.Dream.Team. I am looking forward to meet a dream team to share the beauty with!

What are my tasks in the Hiking.Dream.Team crew?

I organise a hike to Khibiny in 2019 and I am a part of our orga-team discussions.

What is my hiking story?

My studies and work were connected with travelling. So, my first hikes had some more goals than just admiring the beauty. That’s how I got first time to the Khibiny and the Caucasus, where we had to walk along bears’ trails. Then there was a period in my life, where I just had to do something great, and beeing inspired by the paintings of Nicolas Roerich I decided to hike the Annapurna Circuit in the Hymalayas. That’s how I set my personal elevation record (5416m). Now as I have moved to Germany, I hike quite often in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. But I loan for new routes, and in my to-hike list I have several places in Russia: the Altai, Kamchatka, the Caucasus and other countries with impressive muntains like Kyrgyzstan and Morocco. I would definitely love to visit Nepal again, too.


If you’d like to contact me directly, please write to