Tours in 2019

Touch the heart of Armenia!

This amazing country has a lot to share, and believe, there’s not only one heart! The first one is definitely its beautiful capital – Yerevan. The second one is its highest mountain Aragats. Also, perhaps, its largest marketplace that pulses on the weekend. Or the local people whose hospitality and joy goes so naturally from their hearts. Nature & Culture – at this event we will explore Armenia to the fullest!
Come with us to find out more!

  • WHERE: Yerevan & Aragts Mt., Armenia
  • WHO: 4-15 young & energetic people
  • EASY TRAVEL: visa free
Caucasus: Let adventures happen!

The majestic Caucasus mountains won’t let you just enjoy them from aside, sitting on a bench. You have to discover them: their wildness, their brutal temper, their richness. “Once to go and never to forget” – that’s what we want you to say when the adventure is over. Therefore, we’ve chosen a brand new route in the “Prielbrusie” national park, which is full of outstanding views, tough passes, high snowy peaks and glaciers. Ready to challenge yourself? Then you’re welcome join us!

  • WHERE: Pyatigorsk & Caucasus Mts., Russia
  • WHO: 5-15 young & energetic people
Khibiny: Catch the Northern Lights!

Is seeing the northern lights in your to-do list? Are you fond of northern landscapes? Do you believe that autumn is the most stunning time for mountains? Then we invite you on a hike to the highest tundra of Lapland. September is the perfect time to check the northern lights: nights are already dark enough but still not too cold! Moreover, get a real Russian experience, drive brutal UAZ and walk around the Soviet mining city!

  • WHERE: Kirovsk & Khibiny Mountains, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
  • WHO: 10-17 young & energetic people