Armenia 2019

Touch the Heart of ARMENIA

This amazing country has a lot to share, and believe, there’s not only one heart! The first one is definitely its beautiful capital – Yerevan. The second one is its highest mountain Aragats. Also, perhaps, its largest marketplace that pulses on the weekend. Or the local people whose hospitality and joy goes so naturally from their hearts. Or the music they play and the food they cook. Come with us to find out more! Nature & Culture – at this event we will explore Armenia to the fullest!

WHEN: 11/08 – 18/08/2019 (8 full days)

WHERE: Yerevan & Aragts Mt., Armenia

WHO: 4-15 young & energetic people

EASY TRAVEL: visa free

Are you excited? Great! Then keep on reading!

  1. For this programme we’re collaborating with a local mountain guide David Petrosyan, who’s also showing us around Yerevan in the first 2 days = Best insights!
  2. Our event would be a great choice for hikers with any level of experience!
  3. We provide you with all the info: what to bring, how to prepare, how to get there etc.

11-12/08. Day 1 & 2 – Excursion program in Yerevan  

13/08. Day 3.

Transfer: Yerevan – Artanish Mt (120 km, by bus).

Trek (altitude): starting point (1920 m) – Artanish Mt (2460 m) – camp #1 (1920 m)

Distance: 4 km. Height increase: +540 m, -540 m.

14/08. Day 4.

Camp #1 – Kari Lake (125 km, by bus)

Trek: Kari Lake (3207m) – Southern Peak of Aragats Mt. (3879m) – camp #2 (3550m)

Distance: 7,5 km. Height increase: +682 m.

15/08. Day 5.

Trek: camp #2 (3550m) – Northern Peak of Aragats Mt. (4090m) – camp #3 (2800m)

Distance: 5 km. Height increase: +540m.

16/08. Day 6.

Trek: camp #3 (2800m) – Aragats village (2000 m)

Distance: 9 km. Height increase: -800 m.

Transfer: Aragats village – Dilijan National Park, camp #4 (120km, by bus)

17/08. Day 7.

Trek: camp #4 – Old Castle – camp #4

Distance: 15 km. Height increase: about +800m

Transfer: Dilijan National Park – Yerevan (120km, by bus)

18/08. Day 8.  –  Cultural program in Yerevan, free time, Armenian farewell dinner