Khibiny 2019

Khibiny: Catch the Northern Lights!

Are you fond of northern landscapes? Is seeing the northern lights in your to-do list? Do you believe that autumn is the most stunning time for mountains? Then we invite you on a hike! September is the perfect time to check the northern lights, because the nights are already dark enough but still not too cold! We will cross 5 passes, walk along pristine streams and have an amazing panoramic view of two huge lakes and autumn tundra.

WHEN? 6.09 – 12.09.19

WHERE? Khibiny Mts & Kirovsk, Russia

WHO? 10-17 young & energetic people

You’d like to see a bit more of Khibiny before travelling there yourself? Have a look of the >>Video<< made by Veronika and Tobias in 2017.

  1. For this programme we’re collaborating with a local mountain guide Sergey Shestikhin, a keen skier and a coffee lover.
  2. You don’t have to be a very experienced hiker, but some endurance is required!
  3. We provide you with all the info: what to bring, how to prepare, how to get there etc.

Planned Program

06/09. Day 1 
Arrival to Kirovsk. Night at the base.

07/09. Day 2 
Transfer to Imandra station. Imandra (150m) – gorge Aku-Aku (300m) – Camping 1 (350m)
Distance: 18 km. Height difference: +200 m.

08/09. Day 3 
Camping 1 (350m) – pass Chorgorr (850m) – Camping 2 (400m)
Distance: 9 km. Height difference: +500 m, -350 m.

09/09. Day 4 
Radial hike to the top of the massif Udychvumchorr (1200m).
Distance: 16 km. Height difference: +800 m, -800m.

10/09. Day 5 
Camping 2 – Risjok valley (350m) – Camping 3
Distance: 10 km. Height difference: +350 m.

11/09. Day 6 
Camping 3 – Southern Rischorr (800m) – Camping 4 at Akademicheskoe lake (750m)
Distance: 19 km. Height difference +450 m.

12/09. Day 7 
Camping 4 – Tuljok valley (450m)– Vortekeuvaiv pass (750m)– return to the base
Distance: 12 km. Height difference: +300 m, -900 m.